Friday, May 22, 2009

Lazy........ Or Just Delay?

It's been said that I am lazy. Well, I know that I can be lazy at times. And maybe those times have carried on to define my person to others. Misconception. Big. It's been my doing, I know. And to correct that wrong will also have to be my doing.
The main issue is not laziness. I'm not lazy. I'm not untidy. And I'm definitely not careless. It's my ability to PROCRASTINATE. That's the root of all this misconception. See? I've taken the first step: I've identified the problem.
Procrastination. I do that a lot. A whole lot. I have to pack my bags..... I'll do it later. I have to wash my hair..... I'll do it later. I have to clean the kitchen...... I'll do it later. Oops! I dropped the book on the floor instead of on the table. I'll pick it up later. See? that's what's killing me! Then, I come across as lazy or careless!
So, what right do I have to do to right the wrong that is so wrongly my representation?
For the past two months (starting sometime mid-March up until now, May), I've been trying to work out a method to get rid of the whole procrastination issue. Right now, that method is a little bit shaky, but at least, I've got a sketch of the whole thing. That's headway.
I take my jotter every night (which means I'll need a daily planner...... I'll get one later :-)) and write down everything I should get done the next day, starting with my quiet time, even unto the minutest of details. Stuff I know I have to do everyday comes up on a different list I call the "Everyday Stuff-to-do List".
When I drop stuff on the floor or in the wrong place, and I'm about to turn away , saying to myself that I'll do it better later, I will my mind and then my body to turn back and do it right then, and not later. What is worth doing is worth doing well, right?
I have procrastinated my book writing and poem collection for over two years now. So, this is my plan for that: every week, I must have a new poem added to my collection, and for my book, I must have a new chapter completed every week, starting next week (God help me!).
If I'm not making any sense or any effort that'll prove feasible, let me know. But, if I have learned right, I think I'm on the right track; I have identified (I should probably join P.A. - Procrastinators Anonymous); I have laid out a plan which I think is feasible and sensible, and I'm already working with it. It's hard, believe me, almost as hard as trying to break my Coca-cola addiction, but it's a race I'm determined to win. See, I must win. I have to win; if I'm to make any headway and impact on this earth, I must win it. I am innit to winnit! And I will, so help me God.
'Nuff said.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Small Pleasures

Ahhhh! Such pleasure and soothing-ness! Such feelings of pure, pure joy and relaxation! That's how I felt standing under the shower spray of hot water. I literally felt the stress melt away and the tension knotted up in my joints loosen up, and relief just flowed through me - bones, veins and all - from my head to my toes. And then my toes curled up in sheer delight. Mmmm...... lovely!
I had felt so much unease earlier while I lay down and read my Thisday Style magazine. my joints were stiff and aching, my nerves were jumpy and I felt restless, and my mind just felt totally clouded and I couldn't read or think clearly.
I needed to read till I felt sleepy, but that just wasn't happening. And so, the hot water shower idea, which was the only clear thought I had, came up. And the feeling? Oh! the feeling was so.......... glorious!
And then, it struck me! We always wait and look for the seemingly bigger things or greater happenings to take place before we give God praise and the glory due HIM and thank HIM. We thank God for saving us from accidents, for making that contract fall through, for giving us that six figure job, blah blah blah.... But not so. It shouldn't be that way. Nothing stops us from thanking HIM for the seemingly smaller things. I thought of millions of people who would give anything to have a warm bath cos they were freezing their toes off...............
And so, as I stood in the bathroom under the shower, letting the water spray hit my face and run down my body, I closed my eyes, took a moment and whispered to my Father, "thank YOU so much......... for a hot water shower".