Monday, November 16, 2009

The Way Things Turn Out to Be.....

I'm not a football fanatic. Well. Neither am I a die-hard fan. Nor just a devoted fan. But you gotta love the game at least to an extent. In this country, yes. You can't but have a little love for it. So, when the Super Eagles (right now, they are more like Super Big-boys/Dummies, to me) played Kenya for the determining qualifier for South Africa 2010 World Cup, on Saturday, all ears stood in Naija - well, at least around me - including the cab driver in whose car I listened to the match come to an end.
"Our boys" (like the annoying sports commentators like to call them) led the game from the point where I started paying attention in the taxi, 2-1. Well, I thought, God bless 'em, then, for not letting us bow our heads in shame in the world of sports. And then, 5 minutes of extra time to the end of the match, Kenya did the Unbelievable - Equalized. 2-2. That's is. We're out. As far as I was concerned, it was over.
I learned our fate also rested in the hands of Tunisia; whether they lost, drew, or won. And us wining ours too. Drawing was not an option. I was quick to tell the cab-man to go watch the Under-17 finals, and console himself with the boys winning their match against the Swiss. I was so confident that that was going to be a work-over for them boys.
OK, so back to listening to the final minutes of the match. And then, my football boyfriend, crush-of-my-life, Osaze Odemwinge gets a yellow card within the last minutes. Beef, I mutter to myself. Silly referee. Can't stand having a fine, young, talented brother around you, can you? Mschwwww. Suddenly, the radio commentator croaks very loudly for a split second I think I'm in the stadium (I have no clue what country the match takes place, though): "Nigeria has scored a goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" That man is going to have a seizure of some sorts, was the first thought in my head. And then it registered; we had actually won!3-2. Oh yeah! and Tunisia lost. So, two and two together, we had qualified. Wow! We were going to S.A. after all! Yippeeeeeee! So much for not being a fan. Hehehe! Thank God o! Thank God o, was all the cab dude kept saying. Tomorrow will make it a double-whammy celebration. At least, that's what I thought, right?
And then, the Golden Eaglets lost. Much to the heart-break of many Nigerians. Some cried. Some drank themselves to stupor. On my side, I did not dare watch the match for fear that I'd give myself a High Blood Pressure. They lost. To a country that never takes a stand. Switzerland.
I guess the Swiss were trying to repay our dear politicians for all the Swiss accounts they keep there for free, and all they could get if they charged them for each one of them accounts - my personal opinion. Oh well! At least they made history as the first ever U-17 Host country to get to the semi-finals, and then into the finals. They were good. As far as some Devoted fans are concerned, it was all the fault of their coach. Silly man! Trying to turn the game strategy around for the finals. Stupid, stoooooooooopid move. But, all's well, right?
Wonder what them Big boys are going to do in South Africa. Maybe a change is gonna come. Maybe a miracle. Well, we dedicated fans and non-dedicated fans, and couldn't-care-less fans, await.
Expecting so much from the Goldens and so little from the Supers definitely turned out differently. God in all, the God of football, like the fans say, is still in control.
Anyways, what's all this about football? ENOUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This is the first AND last time I would spill so much about football.
'Nuff said. Can't believe I actually sat down to write this.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Giving it up - ALL or Nothing.

Ok. So, it's the 2nd day in November, and I've set out for a good cause (well, it's a good one to me). Happy new month, first of all. I've been down under for a while, but it feels so good to resurface - breath of fresh air (I am breathing in so deeply that I can almost feel the wear and near-tear of my lungs. Wow! The weekend was......... Lord knows that words cannot begin to tell it. But, the 411 is that is was MIND-BLOWING! I traveled down to the north - Kano, to be precise (as close as it is in proximity to Jigawa, it didn't cause nostalgia or have me swooning with bubbling bile. NO). And then, I met ma famile! My Kano family, I mean, and then my CFI family was there, too! Was there for a Grace Convention. And that? That was the highlight of the mind-blowing weekend. It was awesome. Lovely. And I miss these people that I have come to love with all of my being (I cried like I had been dumped and crushed while the car pulled out of the car park, on my way back. No kidding), and my mind's been programmed to know that without them, I'd be living a pretty empty life. I bless and thank the Lord for you guys. And I love you.... more than you believe.
But, I actually am off the course for which I set out to write this (I digress, sha).
So, I've set out on a good cause - my good and the good of some folks, too
I'm going to give up coca-cola this month. I've tried. Believe me. It was HARD. But now, I have what I did not have before: I have the power of motivation! Mu-hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do it for the sake of charity - now that is a really good cause of motivation, wouldn't you say?
But, getting here was not easy. It was positively difficult. On the 31st of October, I vividly remember nearly losing my marbles while I searched for a last bottle of coke before the stroke of 12 (my very own Cinderella story). And this I did from 11:30pm to 11:57pm! I was livid, hysterical, and down right almost nuts when I couldn't find one! (who knew that stores and shops were supposed to be closed by that time!) And so, I got into this new month without a bottle of coke as my compensation. But, oh well! It is for a good cause, right? I'll miss you, coke, my daily dose of caffeine, my own bottle of sugar rush! But I had to let you go.... for now. But, believe me, it won't be for too long! Because, come December, the month of festivity, I shall be dancing on roof tops with a bottle of sweating coke in my hand, and a crate more in the freezer! And I mean every word of that LITERARY! Mmmu-hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mmmu-hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'Nuff said.
Still, I miss you, coca-cola.