Thursday, January 28, 2010


For somewhat reasons - them I do know, of course - I am with a heavy heart from 5a.m till 6 p.m. This job is sickening for the life of me! It is draining my psyche (abi?), killing me emotionally, and mentally! There is not a single one around here- hourly- to have a REAL intelligent discussion with. Not only is the verbal abuse in abundance, the mental reduction ability, which I have discovered is a droning skill and one which happens to be generously distributed here, is equally generously handed out. I fear that if I speak to one near-intelligent person any time soon, I shall be put to shame. Damnable shame.... if there ever was any like that. Anyways, I live.
And then, there's my boss............ If I ever was told that I'd work in a place where the Man himself made untoward advances towards his staff, I would never have believed it! Now I am slam-dunk in the middle of all the action. And just when I was getting wind of his 3D animated moves, I decided to get up close and personal with some discrete staff, and I got an ear-load (and then some spill over) of his previous escapades! Why in the world didn't ANYONE deem it fit to tutor me to keep a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally long distance and dine with a long spoon from afar off? All I know is, I CANNOT be here till the end of next month. Period. I have set an ultimatum in my mind for him, the next time he makes a move. I give him ONE week to try it, and I'll up and leave without prior notice! Okay. So, I'm done with that. Part of my challenges through life, right? God strengthen me.
So, I got a call from some girl named Uche. They want me and my twin sister to be on the "Moments with Mo" show. They are having a special on multiple birth personalities. An opportunity of a lifetime, I must say. It is time to showcase meself and me twin to the rest of the world (ok. Africa), ay? I'm just sha sitting and anxiously waiting for her to call me back. I hope. I pray. And this anxiety had better pass fast, too.
So, I also found out why Boss 2 is very rude and, well, bossy. It would seem that not only have her legs stretched into places mine haven't and wouldn't dare to stretch, but also, some other parts of the anatomy have been places I wouldn't, in this lifetime, or another, dare to think of going. Ahem! "nuff said about that. Na she knows o!
Okay. I'm thinking for now, the ranting shall take a break.


ErinJay said...

Sister gurl,
I cannot imagine what it feels like to be in your shoes. Admittedly, from the 3rd party perspective, its something of a laugh, but that is besides the point.

God is with you. The best thing I can offer for you is my prayers. But don't make any hasty decisions. At the same time, don't drag in reacting either. All in all, may the good Lord be with you.

Say "Whassup Erin!" when you on the show, yeah?


Barbara said...

I dey here o! I'm not going anywhere... they can't be rid of me that easy... lol